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We achieve success together


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The company began its activity in the 90th of the XX century. At that time company “Mostra” was founded. The choice of the distribution firm’s name wasn't casual. The Italian word “Mostra” goes back to the Latin “Monstrare” that means “to show”. Such “exhibition”, “show” involves existence of the wide range of goods, and also the firm’s readiness to go on the way of transparency and openness. All this characterizes activity of our company. 

In 1994 there was the first delivery to distribution network of the country through the “Mostra” company. It was early autumn morning, when Yefimov Alexander in his blue jeans carried out the first delivery to the point of sale – Centralny shop in Minsk - by his orange car Zhiguli of the 6th model with N 21-06.

“Mostra” was with the times - the company staff got computers, before all processing of documents was made manually.

In 1997 in connection with expansion of business of Mostra” was transformed into “MOSTRA-GROUP”. 

Since 2000 delivery of production is carried out not only to shops of Minsk. Business of the company extends to regions of Belarus. 

In 2005 logo was created. The idea was inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. That’s why Hermes's wings are symbol of “MOSTRA-GROUP” now. According to ancient myths, the god of trade Hermes gives success and profit in any enterprise. So wings on a logo represent business, development, partnership, productivity and professionalism. We use all of that in our activity.

Do you remember orange Zhiguli and blue jeans? They just became a color basis for MOSTRA-GROUP’s logo. There are two wings: orange and blue. Now our laconic logo is associated with scale of business, customer-oriented service, care of employees.

Practically since the beginning of the activity the company was engaged two business - distribution and logistics. But in 2010 logistic functions were transferred to the separate company.

At the end of 2012 there was an integration of two distribution companies. At the moment “MOSTRA-GROUP” brand consists of “MOSTRA-GROUP” Company and the “Tibetray” Company.

In 2016 the annual football championship "MOSTRA-GROUP" was celebrated the 10th anniversary. The Championship of MOSTRA-GROUP is an opportunity to prove that you can be a professional in business and in sports.

Throughout these years, the tournament gives to  fans a lot of brilliant games where various companies compete for the title of the best football team of the MOSTRACHAMP.

Logo of the championship and the name «MOSTRACHAMP» was developed in 2017.

Today the championship of MOSTRA-GROUP is tradition, a significant corporate event, which we look forward every year.

2018 year is the important page in the history of the Company. "MOSTRA-GROUP" will celebrate the Anniversary - 25 years of function in the corporate sector of the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

A quarter of a century in the distribution business is an indication that all these years we have built the right market strategy that has allowed us to achieve high growth and business growth rates, to become a large experienced player in the market and to win the trust of our customers and partners.

We follow the trends and innovations in the distribution, so every solution we offer is an expert distribution opinion in FMCG with high level of services provided by the company, logistics solutions, as well as the development and implementation of software products for business process automation. Today, as for many years, we are working for our future!

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